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Rapid Silicone Rubber Prototype

Rapid Silicone Rubber Prototype
Rapid Silicone Rubber Prototype

The perfect output mold manufacturing lead industry

Mold Design

We can provide with silicone and rubber products. When you choose for your own mold manufacturing enterprises, we will be your wise choice. Because our mold design and production are widely used in various industries and they can meet al the difficult design requirements. 

CNC Machining

Equipped with the world's top mold manufacturing equipments, ensure that each link can get the most accurate and effective control, including Germany Rhodes, Japan Mori Seiki CNC Center, wire EDM from western Japan, Swiss Agie Mirror sparks, Gou dee hold drilling and Automatic molding machines and such kinds of high-precision, high-efficiency mold processing equipments.


In EDM technology, we use the most advanced discharge equipment under strict supervisionand management. We showed the amazing speed and accuracy when processing super-hard material and complex parts shape. We can easily process complex cavity or outline in the hard materials such as Titanium alloy, tool steel, carbon steel. We have the features which exceeding our counterparts: we can make out almost all the special shape which can not be made by traditional cutting machine.


When making the high-precision mold sample, our fitter showed extremely accuracy in scale, and they act as the backbone in the process of crossing, scraping, grinding and mechanical assembling.

Size Detection

Using the advanced dimensional measurement equipment KSY instrument to ensure that every output product is extremely high accurate.

Gel Refinement and Preforming Extruder

In order to effectively protect the excellent use of rubber, we formulated precise batching procedures. Continuously improve the banburying technology, as well as the high standard mixing practices, which enjoyed good reputation in the industry. On the other hand, the introduction of advanced pre-forming extruder, rubber and silicone strip cutting machine and such professional preform production equipment provides a powerful guarantee for accurate product feeding, as well as to ensure the stability of product quality.

Rubber Curing Equipment Group

Equipped with the latest and the most comprehensive vulcanizing machine, vacuum vulcanizing, injection molding curing machine and such professional rubber vulcanization equipment.


Owing skilled and experienced trimming workers, screen printing pipeline Mechanic team which orderly and efficiently trimming the product's outlet and processing the silkscreen with fine specification. 

Product Library

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